Here, on this site, we introduce new thinking on the designing of infrastructures and services that we hope you will find not just 'interesting' but also 'surprising', 'disturbing' and 'unsettling' in a good way. Enough that you come back for more because you feel like learning this new language for communicating design with a certain idealism and pragmatism. And perhaps you learn this language soon enough to help it evolve.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, we will publish pieces short and long to show why this language we are calling STRCTRL is worth learning. Some pieces will introduce the basic features of this language to show how it is useful for communicating design. Other pieces will show why it is useful to have a language for designing contracts that not just lawyers understand. Yet others will feature real world examples, such as why a world famous airport is struggling so much today to handle traffic that is by no means extraordinary.

This is not a website selling anything nor is it a blog. Our primary focus and purpose is to develop a software system and a library of building blocks from which anyone can contribute to the designing of 'beautiful contracts'. But we believe to share knowledge is our societal obligation, so we will share as much as much as we can and more often.