Who we are and what for?

We are a team developing STRCTRL to help organisations realise their full potential in every society and market they choose to participate, and to help reduce the stress and strain in societal transitions due to unintended conflicts between various parties. Indy, Majid, and Jann form our board of directors. We're here to make change and innovation less costly for everyone, in every possible way. Therefore, we want to help teams make more compelling arguments in contracts and agreements and we want to facilitate the sharing of knowledge between people with similar structural problems but are unaware.

What we're doing is difficult and there is much to be done, but we have a clear and compelling vision, a devil-may-care attitude, and a lot of fun. We are backed by visionaries who see STRCTRL being valuable to societies and organisations. That group includes angel investors, and civil servants in a major European government, who, having seen proof of concept, believe beautiful contracts will be good not only for public spending but also the private sector. We also have a 'soul sister' in Dark Matter Labs, with whom we're collaborating on expanding the mostly human concept of contracts to machines and beyond.  

Join the gang

We are only getting started and we want to double the capacity of our core team every few months. The work we are hiring for right now is about sequencing all kinds of infrastructures and services, to grow the library of building blocks. We want to sequence all of society over time and that's a lot of work even with the partnerships we're about to strike. So, we're constantly in search of our next team member to strengthen our ability to execute according to plan. But at this stage every 'sequencer' also has a hand in further evolving the language and giving input to the development of the software system.

We're looking for people with creativity and imagination combined with the ability to make useful abstractions after fully grasping the realities of things. We value the ability to think hard (and at times so hard the head hurts) but then write with flowing ease. Also valuable is the ability to process lots of new information that is unfamiliar at first because one day we may be sequencing a blood testing lab and the next day air traffic control. That works best by being curious and, regardless of how much experience we have, willing to go through the feeling of not knowing anymore. Kenya Hara says it best: "To understand something is not to be able to define it or describe it. Instead, taking something that we think we already know and making it unknown thrills us afresh with its reality and deepens our understanding of it."

As long as they have the abilities mentioned above, our next colleague could come from any background. Between us we have studied economics, engineering, design, architecture, political science, philosophy, and law. Our preference is to hire people living in the UK and the European Union, but that is only because at this stage we work a lot in-person, face to face. But that doesn't mean we won't change our ways for someone far away we fall in love with. We ourselves are from the United States, Iran, UK, the Netherlands, Egypt, Peru, Colombia, India, and Italy. We may have grown up in different countries, climates, and cultures, but the values we share bring and bind us together.

If this interests you, please write to us at: hello@strctrl.org

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