“When you want to know how things really work, study them when they're coming apart.” ― William Gibson (Zero History, 2010).

In our efforts to improve things, we can learn a lot from studying dismal failures. But we can also systematically 'take things apart' to study dramatic success. Therefore, I'll soon be teaching a novel method for analysing the designs of things and framing arguments for changes and improvements. The system evolved through several projects in government, healthcare, aerospace & defence, from 2013 to 2023.

With this method you will take the following skills to a whole new level:

  1. Analysing the designs of ‘things’ and deconstructing them into factors that affect performance.
  2. Finding the smallest possible changes that lead to the greatest improvements.
  3. Framing arguments that align conflicting interests in support of proposed changes.

Whether you are a lawyer or engineer, a contracts officer or financial analyst, a product manager or policymaker, a software developer, a regulator or venture capitalist, the upgrade will empower you to act with greater confidence when working on the 'twisted pair' of profitability and sustainability. That much I can safely promise.

The course will surprise you in another way. It will void your understanding of things you're familiar with, before bringing new levels of clarity and depth. Because, as Kenya Hara wrote in Designing Design (2007): "To understand something is not to be able to define it or describe it. Instead, taking something that we think we already know and making it unknown thrills us afresh with its reality and deepens our understanding of it.

Registrations are now open.
Tickets on sale with December discounts, including one that expires on December 15th. There is an additional 20% discount for nonprofits and governments using the promo code NPRFT20.